1 Bank St, Canary Wharf London

AWD was appointed temporary works designer and checker by our client Canary Wharf Contractors for their 1 Bank St site; a 28-storey 700,000 sq ft, state of the art office and retail space in Canary Wharf, London, due to open in spring 2019.

The building was constructed within a cofferdam due to its location within the reclaimed dock on the Canary Wharf Estate. However, the lack of ground space available also posed challenges for our temporary works solutions which consisted of the design of 5 steel tower crane bases.

Our space-saving solution was to place the tower cranes on the rooftop of the building, at 477ft above the ground. We designed the tower crane grillages, consisting of steel plate girders, to sit upon the building’s concrete cores which supported the progression of the project throughout the construction cycle by leaving space available at ground level for other site traffic.  

The calculations and assessments we carried out on this project included:

  • Design calculations
  • Design drawing
  • Connection design
  • Propping reviews
  • Fabrication drawing review
  • Concrete core assessments
  • BIM
  • Residual risk checks

Our design of the steel grillages ensured safe use of the tower cranes under various conditions, including their self-weight, with the various different loads imposed on the cranes, and avoided the clashing of the crane booms when in use.