Haven Adventure Village

We completed design check calculations for various structures at the new Adventure Village at Haven’s Craig Tara site, including an internal climbing wall and an external flight tower with a 94m zip line and return platform.

Both structures posed design challenges: the 8.67m internal vertical climbing wall with its complex geometry, made from a mix of steel and wood, with steel C sections and a steel RHS upper cross beam. The belay support system was designed as a cantilevered RHS welded to the cross beam.

The flight tower posed design challenges due to the 94m double zipline, giving a significant difference in height between the flight tower and the return platform, and the proximity to the sea coast which meant we had to factor in weather conditions when determining the safety of the structure. 

We also carried out 24 individual loading combinations to determine the maximum weights the structures can carry under various loading conditions.

For the external flight tower, we also completed calculations to determine safe weather conditions for the use of the structure, which involved determining safe wind loads and storm loads. All calculations were completed in line with regulatory standards set out in Eurocodes 1 & 3.

Our design checks determined the conditions under which both structures would be safe for use. Our report specified the grade of material required for the construction of both structures. This resulted in our client being able to construct the adventure structures on budget and within the project programme.