Warrington Chimney Demolition

We completed design checks on a 60m high double mast climber used as an access solution for the demolition of an industrial chimney structure in Warrington, UK. The twin mast climbers were designed to support an adjustable access platform to safely carry the weight of 3 workers and a demolition robot.

The height, the external location and the freestanding design of the chimney all presented challenges when designing an access solution.

Using STRAP Analysis software, we tested every section of the mast climber structures to ensure they were capable of supporting the loads they carried, from their self-weight, the additional load of the access platform and from the workers and robot using the access platform.

We also checked the design of a third mast climber which was used to give access to the platform, as well as the connections which tied the mast climbers to the chimney. The towers on both sides were tied together using steel UC sections which were tied to the chimney using steel members. These ties were then adjusted and removed as the demolition work progressed.

All section of the mast climbers and the access platform passed our rigorous design checks allowing us to certify to our client the safe use of the access structure for the demolition of the chimney. Our work was completed on time and within budget and allowed our client to use a safe and efficient means of access for their project, saving them time and money on site.