Hercules House

Hercules House in London, a former 1960’s office building, has recently undergone refurbishment by Park Plaza Hotels who developed the site into a 4* luxury hotel with capacity for 500 rooms, a restaurant, and conference and spa facilities. The redevelopment, completed this year, was designed by esa architecture and is hoped to spark wider regeneration of the local area. Alan White Design were appointed Temporary Works designer and checker for the refurbishment and extension of the site, working closely with contractor WW Gear Construction Ltd.

The original structure, being a product of the 1960’s building boom, was built with a reinforced concrete frame and hollow pot floors. This project presented a challenge as all concrete core stability elements had to be removed to meet the architect’s specifications for the refurbishment of the building.


Concrete core removed at Hercules House

Our approach involved an array of temporary works designs which provided a holistic solution to the contractor’s needs.  The most crucial element of design was the core removal bracing we deployed to provide global stability to the structure while the permanent concrete cores of the building were removed. This allowed us to successfully stabilise the building whilst also ensuring the safety of everyone on site.

2 3

        Core removal bracing designed by AWD

Additional temporary works designs were required for tower crane bases and sheet piling was utilised to stabilise ground conditions. All of these elements were linked by scaffold bridges which we designed to ensure safe and easy access in and around the site for all workers.


    Design checks completed by AWD on column props

The utilisation of these techniques meant that we successfully stabilised the building in its temporary condition to facilitate the removal of all concrete core stability elements which was vital for progress to be made on the build. Our innovation and efficiency on this project was praised by contractor WW Gear Construction Ltd and further enhanced our reputation as one of the foremost Temporary Works specialists in the UK.

   6 5

Completed refurbishment of Park Plaza Hotel at London Waterloo


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