To UK Pavilion and Beyond.....


An illuminated maze, augmented reality, and transmitting messages to space! No, it’s not Danny Boyle’s latest blockbuster, but all features of the winning design at the UK Pavilion Event which took place at the V&A in London yesterday, ahead of Expo 2020 Dubai. Malachy was there to take a close look at Es Devlin OBE’s stunning design which will allow visitors to contribute to the messages on the structure.

Based on Stephen Hawking’s project ‘Breakthrough Message’, the idea behind the design was to consider what message we would, collectively as a planet, transmit to outer space in the event of encountering alien life.

The futuristic design was just one part of the exhibition which brought together many key players who will comprise the UK’s presence at Expo 2020 Dubai, a 6-month event which is expected to draw 25 million visitors.

Both the UK Pavilion Event and Expo 2020 Dubai are great platforms for UK companies, including AWD, to attract trade and investment in international markets.

Highlights of the event were talks from Tristam Trent, Director of V&A, Baroness Fairchild, who talked about the strength of the UK Plc brand, and the UK Expo Team, as well as networking with other companies who are interested in growth and expansion, particularly in our areas of engineering and construction.

We look forward to seeing the Pavilion Design brought to life in Dubai in 2 years time!