Lookout! We're Going Paper-Free


This month, Euan completed a skills course with the Business Improvement Academy, a Scottish Enterprise initiative which supports business leaders to implement sustainable changes within their business, driving forward efficiency and competitiveness.

As ISO14001:2015 accredited employers, we’ve already committed to being environmentally responsible which benefits our community, our customers and our employees. Euan’s project with the Academy extends this commitment further with the ambitious plan of removing the use of paper from all our engineering design activity, creating a paperless environment.

We’re investing in new technology to eliminate our paper use from our design work, including electronic document checkers and office tablets which will allow us to work collaboratively with our colleagues and clients, both in the office and out on site, enhancing the service we offer our customers.

Through Euan’s efforts, we’re already seeing many benefits of our paper-free change including streamlined design processes, economic savings, removal of clutter from our office, and improvements in health and safety, all of which benefit our employees and clients, as well as maintaining our commitment to operating an environmentally sustainable business.

Congratulations to Euan for implementing such an ambitious project, as well as to Accelerate and the Business Improvement Academy for their support.