How It's Made: Concrete Edition


As Engineers, nothing gets us more excited than diving into the specifications of our specialist working materials; steel, timber, aluminium and concrete! So, it was a great experience to get a guided visit of the Dundonald Quarry from the Hillhouse Quarry Group last week to find out how concrete is made at the site.


The quarry supplies drystone and coated stone among many other concrete products, manufactured from core materials excavated at the site. Our tour included a visit to the 3 coating plants & the ready mixed concrete plant which allowed us to learn about the full process of how they produce high-quality concrete products just up the road from us in Dundonald, Ayrshire.

Having this in-depth understanding of how concrete is produced gives us greater expertise when using concrete structural members for use in our designs.

Huge thanks to everyone at Hillhouse Quarry for the visit!