From Student to Engineer: Paul Shows Us The Ropes


You may have noticed a new face on some of our recent posts: our Graduate Engineer Paul Lynch! Only 6 months into his AWD career, Paul’s already become a valued part of the team. Here, he shares his journey from student to professional engineer:

Q Why did you choose AWD?

As a young graduate, the competition for employment can be tough, especially if you've got limited work experience. However, I remained patient and hopeful and, before long, the opportunity arrived to join AWD. The hiring process was focussed more on my values and abilities than my experience, and luckily, they saw my potential. From day one, I slotted into the team really well and I’ve never looked back.  

Q What’s been your highlight so far?

There are many rewarding parts of my job, however one particular highlight was the first time I saw my work brought to life on site. We work mostly with models and drawings, so it was a new and exciting experience to see something I’d designed being built on site. It also reminded me of the importance of the work we do, because so many other parts of the construction process rely on our input to move the project forward.

Q What are the advantages of working for an SME?

We all work closely as one team, including senior staff members, collaborating on different projects with a wide spectrum of different clients and industries, which means we know each other well. Working collectively allows us to share knowledge and experience and gives me the opportunity to learn from more experienced engineers. I also work directly with clients to ensure my work meets our clients’ needs which gives me a greater level of responsibility than your average graduate. 

Q How have your professional skills developed?

I've learned a huge amount in such a short space of time, something I wasn’t expecting. Everyday, I learn something new which helps with my professional development, making me a better engineer, as well as keeping the job fresh and exciting.

Q How is your development supported at AWD?

Being surrounded by, and working with, talented and experienced engineers has been important in developing my knowledge and skills. I've had several opportunities to go out on site to support our clients and learn more about how we can add value to their projects. The company’s ICE Training Scheme has been fantastic for me as I'm aiming to become a Chartered Engineer in the future. It allows me to track my progress through quarterly reports, coaching and feedback with the aim of always improving.

Q What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the variety in my job, and the many different types of industries we work in. It’s extremely enjoyable to work on different projects and it keeps the day to day work interesting, as well as helping my development. Every day feels fresh and I enjoy the challenge involved in deciding how to approach each new project.

Q What are your career ambitions for the next year? And the next 5 years?

Currently, I’m working through the achievement of the ICE attributes with the long-term goal of achieving Chartered Engineer status. I'll continue to build experience to develop my skills, and hopefully take on more responsibility, both as an engineer, becoming more confident in my judgement and ability, and as part of the AWD team where I can support the development of other graduates and summer workers.

We're always on the lookout for talented graduates or experienced engineers who share the AWD values. Contact us today to enquire about joining our team!