AWD Rock in Gibraltar


Waking up with John and Yoko, and sipping Martini’s a la James Bond….just another site visit with AWD!

Last week saw Malachy and Christy swap shirt and tie for shorts and t-shirt as they landed in Gibraltar, the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, to visit 3 of our projects in the area with our client Ramboll. They were based at the Rock Hotel, whose previous guests have included John Lennon & Yoko Ono and James Bond himself, Sean Connery.

Although there was no time to re-enact the famous bed-in for peace, it was straight to work for the duo as they headed off to complete a site inspection of the scaffolds at two of our projects in the Ocean Village development: Imperial Ocean Plaza, a £25m luxury apartment and office complex, and Ocean Spa Plaza, an 18-storey residential and spa complex, where we called in for our scaffold expertise after a dramatic collapse of the original scaffold earlier this year.


AWD completed a CAT III check of the scaffold design used to construct both buildings and we were on site to inspect the scaffold design and check progress on the projects.

Next up was a visit to our newest project in the region, a complex hotel chain refurbishment and extension project where we will use our temporary works experience to design the removal of core & stair elements from the building and design a significant temporary propping package to maintain the stability of the concrete frame in the temporary condition. More details about this exciting hotel chain project coming soon!


It wasn’t all work and no play though, we also squeezed in a visit to Europa Point to have lunch in a local restaurant with fantastic freshly caught John Dory, while taking in the view of the Moroccan coast. We even got a chance to explore many of the tunnels around the island, and we’ve already planned a trip on a cable car to see the famous macaques on our next site visit later this year!

Many thanks to Jack, Albano, David, Jonathan & Joe from the Ramboll Gibraltar team for their hospitality.