A Year in the Life of an Office Manager


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I recently completed a year-long position with AWD as Office Manager, covering the role while Emma was on maternity leave. Working within an SME, the role of Office Manager encompasses so many different facets of the business, from accounts and invoicing, to marketing and recruitment, and it was this variety and breadth of work which attracted me to the role. As a smaller company, AWD was also able to offer me levels of ownership and responsibility unparalleled in similar jobs, as well as many other employee benefits such as a company pension and private health insurance. After meeting the friendly and supportive team, and discovering their excellent reputation within the engineering industry, it was an easy choice to work for AWD.

I came to AWD with experience in finance, people management, and banking analysis. AWD gave me the opportunity to further enhance these skills, working in a highly specialised field, and within a fast-paced environment where no two projects are ever the same. AWD also gave me a unique opportunity to develop professional capabilities in many other areas where I had little or no experience, trusting my judgement and ability to ‘learn on the job’. It was refreshing to find an employer willing to put so much faith in me, and very rewarding to be able to take the initiative and make my mark in the role. It was also an exciting challenge to work within an environment where picking up the technical language was vital to my success in the role – it’s safe to say I know a lot more about civil engineering now than this time last year!

AWD is currently undergoing a period of rapid growth, thanks to its rising reputation for engineering excellence, having being finalists in both 2016 & 2017 at the BCI awards. With the expansion in our workload and scope of work, this meant that my role also developed widely throughout the course of my time at AWD to cope with the growing demand for our services, including increased demand for our work overseas, and in our efforts to take a greener approach to engineering.

One of the highlights of my time at AWD was working within the tight-knit team, where everyone shares best practice and experience to ensure we get it right for the customer every time. In my function as Office Manager, I supported the delivery of client projects, liaising with everyone from Design Engineers, through to the Managing Director, which allowed me to greatly enhance my communication skills.

It’s also very refreshing to work for a company where the customer is at the heart of everything we do. It was great to receive feedback from our customers on each project and feel rewarded by their comments. Most of our customers choose to work with us time and time again which is testament to the culture and ethos AWD bring to their projects. This ethos also extends to employees and recognising their input in the success and growth of the company – I always knew my work was valued and my contribution to the company was recognised.

Since my role was fixed term, I always knew my time at AWD would come to an end. My year with AWD has helped me develop a wealth of skill and experience in many areas which has set me up to be competitive in the job market. Above all, it has been a great to see tangible ways my work has helped to lay the foundations for the continued growth of the company, and I look forward to watching AWD go from strength to strength.

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